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Why use our email checker?

100% free verification
Do you work in digital marketing and want to make sure your emails reach your audience's inbox? Then you've come to the right place! Thanks to our e-mail address verification tool, you can find out in just a few clicks whether an address is valid and corresponds to an active customer account. It's a simple, effective solution for ensuring the consistency of your marketing actions. So don't hesitate - try our mail tester now!

How does the email check work?

You enter one or more email addresses into our tool.
We audit the email addresses entered, checking the validity of the format, domain and existence of all addresses entered.
We then provide you with the results, highlighting the email addresses identified as invalid. You can then remove them from your database to ensure an optimal listing. There's no need to worry about the efficiency of your database - thanks to this simple procedure, you'll get results in no time!

It's advisable to repeat this operation regularly for long address listings, to avoid cluttering up your database with useless contacts.

Who uses

Marketing departments

To send newsletters to customers or people interested in the company, marketing departments are adept at using mail testing tools to optimize their database and work with consistent indicators that are as close to reality as possible. Mail testing is a direct way of improving the marketing performance of your campaigns!

The sales teams

They often have to work with long lists of customers, not always well rated. To ensure that their communications reach their correspondents' mailboxes, checking their contacts is often essential. This way, you can rest assured that your e-mail has reached its destination.

And private customers

But our tool isn't just for professionals - quite the contrary! Thanks to its ease of use, it's ideal for anyone who wants to check the validity of one or more e-mail addresses.

What they think of our Mailtester is ideal for checking my email lists before sending new properties to my customers. It saves time and avoids return emails!
Patricia P.
Real estate advisor
For affiliation I sometimes do email campaigns, and I use to clean the lists I use.
Franck M.
Wizards Podcast
I use to check that my students' emails are always correct, to avoid bounces which damage the reputation of the mailbox.
Joanny T.
SEO and Automation Trainer
I use's mailtester to validate my customers' email addresses when they sign up for my tools.
Amaury D.
Perfect for checking that my prospect lists are clean and for achieving an ever-higher open rate.
Arthur V.

What checks

Valid format

First, we check that the e-mail address format is correct. It should look like "[email protected]".

Non-random email address

We check that the address does not look like a random e-mail address. For example, "[email protected]" doesn't pass the test.

Permanent e-mail address

We check whether the e-mail address has a domain name used for temporary e-mail addresses.

Using webmail

We check whether the e-mail address uses webmail such as Gmail or Yahoo.

MX recordings

We check that the domain contains MX records. If it doesn't, the e-mail address can't receive e-mails and is therefore considered invalid.

Presence of an SMTP server

This check is successful if we are able to connect to the SMTP server (indicated in the MX records).

SMTP check

We test the e-mail address and see whether or not it bounces back, without sending an e-mail.

Accept all domains (Catch-all)

We check whether the server accepts all e-mail addresses.

Why use our mail tester?

To avoid sending emails to inactive addresses! With just a few clicks, our tool enables you to check one or more e-mail addresses and guarantee a correct bounce rate. So you don't have to worry about the validity of your bounce rate, and you can concentrate on the essentials.

Our tool enables you to improve your marketing actions in three ways:
Améliorer la délivrabilité

Improve deliverability

Acquiring e-mail addresses takes a lot of work. You also need to be sure of your online reputation. Every company that sends emails gets an online score corresponding to its reputation. False or out-of-date e-mail addresses have a negative impact on this reputation, and therefore jeopardize your impact on real subscribers. If your score is too low, there's a high risk that your e-mail will be spammed and not opened by the recipient. And since the Internet never forgets, it's often very difficult to recover an intact reputation. By ensuring the validity of your e-mail addresses before you send your e-mails, you guarantee your good reputation on the web.

Improve open rate

When your consumers provide their contact details, they expect to hear from you. If they enter the wrong address, you miss out on a relationship and potential conversion. What's more, some regulation tools limit the number of mailings. So if you have a lot of invalid email addresses, your real customers may not see the mail you've sent them. With valid e-mail addresses, you ensure an optimal customer experience, and exchanges that will have a positive impact on your brand's image and your financial health.
Améliorer le taux d'ouverture
Augmenter votre ROI

Increase your ROI

A false e-mail isn't just a lost connection. With a high percentage of invalid addresses in your database, you're directly losing money. On the contrary, sending to valid addresses increases engagement rates, improves reputation with your suppliers and therefore leads to more conversions.
By using our tool, you're directly optimizing your return on investment.


Can I check whether an e-mail address is valid without sending an e-mail?
Absolutely. With our e-mail address verification tool, you can check an e-mail address without sending a single e-mail. It saves you a lot of time, and the result is guaranteed!
How can I check whether an e-mail address is valid?
Our e-mail address checker makes it easy to confirm the validity of an address. Simply enter the address(es) you wish to verify, and we'll take care of confirming several criteria to establish their validity.
What is a valid e-mail address?
A valid e-mail address is simply an address that can receive e-mails. For example, a subscriber can subscribe to your newsletter using his or her professional e-mail address. The address is considered valid as long as the subscriber is still employed by the company. However, if the subscriber leaves the company, this address will disappear, rendering it invalid. A randomly entered e-mail address will also be considered invalid.
Can a valid e-mail address be rejected?
Checks are never totally secure, but we can guarantee that over 99% of "valid" e-mail addresses will not be rejected.
What does "accept all" or "catch-all" mean on an e-mail address?
When you run an e-mail address check, the result may be "catch-all". Some e-mail servers accept all e-mail addresses of the same domain name, whether or not they have actually been created. In this case, we can't be sure that the verified e-mail address actually exists and return the "accept all" status.
Does send a verification email?
The e-mail verifier performs validation without sending an e-mail, by connecting directly to the SMTP server. So your customers won't be disturbed by a test e-mail, because we carry out the check discreetly.
What is email deliverability?
Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to recipients' inboxes. It's an indicator that marketers use to assess the likelihood of their email campaigns reaching subscribers' inboxes, depending on ISPs, bounces, spam issues etc. Elements that affect the deliverability of a mailing include sending without personalized authentication, using a single opt-in, sending from a free domain e-mail address, using spam...
What is an e-mail blacklist?
The e-mail blacklist is a real-time database used to decide which e-mails should be considered spam. Essentially, it's a filter that determines whether or not an e-mail reaches the recipient's inbox.
What is the bounce rate?
A bounced e-mail is an e-mail that has failed to be delivered. More precisely, it's a delivery failure linked to server or spam problems, whether permanent or temporary. In general, it's a measure expressed as a percentage of subscribers who didn't receive your message. There are two types of bounce: hard and soft. Hard bounce is caused by the inaccessibility of an e-mail address, while soft bounce is caused by a technical problem in the destination inbox.